Our Partners

We value our partner agencies who provide in-kind services and donations to our children and families. These partnerships help us use your gifts wisely and ensure the best care is provided to our children and families.

ABC Behavioral Healthcare provides individual and group counseling.

Adapt provides emergency and crisis services through telephonic, mobile, and clinic services with the goals being immediate crisis resolution, deflection from hospitalization, linkage with needed resources, and maintenance of current community placement.

Anthem Strong Families provides healthy relationship workshops and learning materials to help ensure the strength and resilience of the family unit.

Attitudes and Attire provides training, counseling and resources, including dress attire, for the women of Family Gateway.

Big Brothers Big Sisters provides mentee opportunities for the children.

The Birthday Party Project throws monthly birthday parties for the children at the Annette G. Strauss Family Gateway Center.

The City of Dallas LGBT Task Force works to ensure that all citizens of Dallas County are treated with fairness and dignity and works with Family Gateway to improve the quality of life for LGBTQ youth in crisis.

The Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse provides HIV counseling and testing, referrals, and education, particularly as it applies to the relationship between drug use and communicable diseases like HIV.

Dallas Challenge provides weekly classes to teenage students and their parents to encourage students to stay in school, off drugs and alcohol, and out of the criminal justice system.

Dallas County Community College District provides volunteers who assist with children’s activities.

Dallas Independent School District – Homeless Education Program enables our families to have access to resources such as school supplies, uniforms, a lunch program, and transportation.

Dress for Success provides training, resources and dress attire for women.

Family Compass offers in-home parenting education to parents with children ages 0-3 years.

The Family Place offers group counseling to Family Gateway’s resident adults who are former victims of family violence.

Hope Cottage provides parenting education, case management services, and parent and teen education on healthy decision-making and pregnancy prevention.

Hope Supply Co. provides infant care supplies, clothing, toys, school uniforms, and a variety of other items.

MetroCare provides counseling and treatment by psychiatrists, specializing in persistent mental illness.

Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance, of which Family Gateway is an active member, seeks to eliminate homelessness through a community-wide partnership.

Parkland HOMES Program offers mobile medical services for well-baby care, emergency services, immunizations, and prenatal referrals, as well as play therapy and adult counseling on children’s issues and assessment and referrals for additional counseling services.

Planned Parenthood provides awareness and support in the areas of family planning, health, and nutrition.

Portfolio Residential Services provides afterschool programming to children in the Permanent Supportive Housing program.

Rainbow Days, Inc. provides the Kid Connection, as well as summer camps, Kids’ University, Camp Bravo, Outdoor Adventure Camp, special events and holiday activities.

The Stewpot and First Presbyterian Church of Dallas offer a summer camp program and weekend activities for children at Family Gateway.

Texas Workforce Commission provides supportive assistance with employment training and transportation vouchers.

UT Southwestern  provides on site HIV testing, education and awareness to our Permanent Supportive Housing clients.

Vogel Alcove Childcare Center for the Homeless provides outstanding early childhood education programs for preschool-aged children in our Transitional Housing Program.

The Wilkinson Center offers GED classes, as well as extended employment services for adults who have completed vocational classes, which include resume writing, mock interviews, job search assistance, access to voicemail and email services, as well as appropriate attire for job interviews.

WiNGS for Women and Families provides basic money management skills and financial literacy awareness for our clients