About Us

Family Gateway is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and was founded by Mayor Annette G. Strauss in 1986. With Mayor Strauss spearheading the effort, a coalition of nine charter congregations responded. These included:

  • All Saints Catholic Church
  • First United Methodist Church of Dallas
  • King of Glory Lutheran Church
  • Lovers Lane United Methodist Church
  • Midway Hills Christian Church
  • NorthPark Presbyterian Church
  • Northway Christian Church
  • Ridgeview Presbyterian Church
  • St. Luke Presbyterian Church

Our mission is to provide stability and life-changing supportive services to children and families affected by homelessness. Last year, we served 399 families comprised of 1,355 individuals including 897 children.

Family Gateway has evolved in the past year to adopt best practices and to align with the national strategic plan to end homelessness. This includes adopting new assessment and diversion strategies to dramatically increase the number of families we serve – learn more here. We are also taking a leadership role to make changes in our overall system – the Continuum of Care – by actively participating in work with other shelter leaders and agencies, in collaboration with the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance.

Family Gateway has been named as the point of entry for homeless families once the new HUD-required homeless crisis line is implemented, which will likely dramatically increase our call volume.  To keep pace with the community’s needs, we must expand our case management services to serve more families than ever before.

We know the negative effects of homelessness on children and their development. These children are woefully behind their peers in terms of development from an educational and social-emotional perspective. The interventions we provide give these young children who have experienced the traumatic effects of homelessness the chance to build the resiliency and competence they need to break the detrimental cycle of homelessness.

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