Paula Miltenberger’s folks Dianne and Jim Bosler were talked into moving from their Fort Worth acreage to cozier territory in Preston Hollow. Well, that’s if you can call an estate “cozy.” The draw was the Paula and husband Bay Miltenberger’s adorable, red-haired boys. What grandparent wouldn’t want to be within walking distance of their grandkids, especially during the pre-high school years?

But on Tuesday, September 20, the grandkids stayed the Miltenberger home and the grandparents opened their house for the Family Gateway’s Gateway to Opportunity Luncheon patrons. One reason for the hosting was Paula was co-chairing the fundraiser with Tracy Lange.

Alas, because of the sweaty, three-digit temperatures, the Bosler’s palatial grounds and were just looky-look from behind the windows and glass doors. But no tears were shed, sine the mansion’s interior was just made for entertaining. More.